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"Mikalojus Dauksa’s address ‘To the dear reader,’ in his work Postile (1599), is like a hymn to the Lithuanian native language.Mikalojus Dauksa. Author K. Bogdanas I can find nothing more beautiful, glorious or pure in the whole of the Lithuanian language’s literaryhistory."

By Justinas Marcinkevicius

"Mikalojus Dauksa raised a whole new view—almost a rebirth—of language. He   recognized the following criteria in defining a nation: 1. A common geographic territory 2. Common traditions formed over the course of history 3. A common language. Dauksa considered the language to be a nation’s most important characteristic. He chose words of glorification when writing aboutlanguage."

By Albinas Jovaisas

"Mikalojus Dauksa interested me the most. He is like our Homer, who understood language in a broader sense—as a manifestation of a patriotic spirit. For this reason I depicted him as an ancient prophet: focused andspiritual."

By Konstantinas Bogdanas

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