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Jurgis Lebedys (1913-1970), literary historian, born at Devynduoniai, county of Kedainiai, Jurgis Lebedyson Jan. 12, 1913. He graduated from the university of Kaunas in 1937, and then taught for several years at the secondary schools in Utena, Skuodas and Panevezys. In 1946 he became an assistant instructor in Lithuanian literature at the University of Vilnius, receiving his candidate’s (master’s) degree at the same university in 1953. He was appointed an assistant professor in 1956 and after receiving a doctor’s degree in 1963 he was promoted to associate professor in 1968. From 1953-1954 and from 1967-1970 he was chairman of the department of Lithuanian literature. Lebedys died in Vilnius on June 12, 1970.

His master’s thesis about the Lithuanian writer Simonas Stanevicius was published as a separate monograph (Simonas Stanevicius, 1955). A major scholarly contribution is his doctoral dissertation, consisting of a definitive biography of the Lithuanian writer Mikalojus Dauksa describing his life and his work (Mikalojus Dauksa, 1963).

He prepared for publication (with introductions and annotations) a collection of Lithuanian proverbs and riddles (Smulkioji lietuviu tautosaka, 1956); a hymnal published by Mozerka Slowoczynski (Slovocinskis) in 1646 (Giesmes, 1958; new photostatic edition); literary works of simonas Stanevicius (Rastai, 1967), and his collection of Samogitian songs (Dainos zemaiciu, 1954). Together with K. Korsakas he edited a manual of Lithuanian literary history (Lietuviu literaturos istorijos chrestomatija, 1957). Other works include an article about the library of Simonas Daukantas (in Lietuviu Literaturos Instituto Darbai, I, 1947) and an article about the autographs of Kristijonas Donelaitis (in Literatura ir kalba, II, 1957). His writings were published in a two-volume collection entailed Lituanistikos barai (Lithuanian Studies) in Vilnius in 1972.

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