Simonas STANEVICIUS (1799-1848), writer, born in Kanopenai, county of Raseiniai, on Oct. 26,1799. He studied at the University of Vilnius' literature and art department, graduating in 1826. From 1829 he lived in the Plater estate near Sveksna, where he was in charge of the family library. He died there on March 10,1848.

One of his works Dainos Zemaiciu (Songs of Samogotians), contains 30 folk songs texts selected on the basis of their aesthetic merit. Published in Vilnius in 1829, this collection was followed four years later by an edition of the corresponding melodies (Pazymes zemaitiskos gaidos). In the field of fiction, his most significant work is Sesios pasakos (Six Fables), published in Vilnius in 1829. Besides those of Kristijonas Donelaitis, this volume contains six of Stanevicius own fables in addition to the famous ode, Zemaiciu slove, wherein he expresses his joy at the resurgence of interest in Lithuanian's language and past at the University of Vilnius. The fables are constructed with great elegance and aesthetic sense. Two of them, Aitvarai (Household Spirit) and Arklys ir meska (The Horse and the Bear), reveal specifically national traits. Stanevicius was one of those who made a marked influence on the national revival of the 19the century.

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