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Motiejus Strijkovskis"The texts of Motiejus Strijkovskis (1547—pre-1593), a Lithuanian historian of Mazurian descent, provide an especially important context for the works of Mikalojus Dauksa. In his national opus "On the Genesis, Etiology, Courage, and Valliant Endeavors of the Lithuanians, Samogitians, and Ruthenians" (written while living in the city of Slutsk), Strijkovskis exalts his contemporary Lithuania as a state continuing in the traditions of the kingdom of Mindaugas.

"This work is the first to suggest the necessity of using Lithuanian as an official language of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In his discussion of the relationship between Lithuanian and Latin, Strijkovskis regrets that the Lithuanians of his time were almost refusing the inheritance from their ancestors—their native language. He also raised objections to the lack of national loyalty exhibited by the Lithuanian nobility."

Darius Kuolis

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