Regulations of the International Competition of Ex Libris “ EX LIBRIS. DAUKSOS “POSTILEI” – 400” („400 years to “Postill” by Dauksa”)


Postilla and Mikalojus Dauksa

In 1999 the postil “Postilla Catholicka” (1599), written by Polish Jesuit Jakob Wujek, translated into the Lithuanian language and prepared by the beginner of the beginner of the Lithuanian written language, priest Mikalojus Dauksa, will celebrate its 400 years anniversary since its publication in the printing house of Vilnius University. “Postil” and “Catechism” (1595) by Dauksa are significant monuments of the old Lithuanian language, which put foundations for the written language in the Great Duchy of Lithuania and meaningfully monumentalised the culture of the nation and the state in the native language.
The Public library in Kedainiai, named after Mikalojus Dauksa, together with the Siauliai Ex Libris Museum, considering a close original connection between a book and ex libris, carrying out the mission of international co-operation, is organising an International Competition of Ex Libris and Exhibition “Ex libris. Dauksos “Postilei” – 400”.
The aim of the competition is to meaningfully monumentalise the personally of the beginner of the Lithuanian written language priest Mikalojus Dauksa, the ex libris, related to the places where the author has been living, pasturing and writing, and the themes of “Postil”.

The terms of Competition

We are kindly inviting the artists from all the world to create new ex libris, reflecting M. Dauksa and his book, its impact on the written Lithuanian language and the native language; also ex libris, related to the culture, history and present of Lithuania. The ex libris may be “in memoriam” or dedicated to the present significant personalities of science, art, culture and other professions, libraries or organisations (please find the list enclosed). The obligatory text is “EX LIBRIS. DAUKSOS “POSTILEI” – 400” and the name of the selected person or institution (The ex libris without the text, reflecting the owner of the ex libris or institution are not accepted to the competition and the exhibition). The number of ex libris is not limited. The longest line is 15 cm.
Ex libris have to be made using graphics, those, printed in protruding print will be prioritised.

The following have to be submitted for the competition

5 seals of very printed and autographed ex libris with the name, second name and place of living on the other side.
2. Catalogue data (indicating the year of creating ex libris, the type of graphics, dimensions).
Ex libris have to be sent for the competition before 1 September, 1999 by this address:
Tarptautiniam ekslibrisu konkursui
Kedainiu Mikalojaus Dauksos viesoji biblioteka
Didzioji rinka II,
LT-5030, Kedainiai, Lithuania


The Evalustion Committee will evaluate every submitted ex libris. Only ex libris, corresponding to the regulations, will be recommended for the exhibition and bonuses. The authors of the most artistic ex libris will be awarded the following bonuses:

I bonus – 1000 Lt;
II bonus – 600 Lt;
III bonus – 400 Lt each.

In the judgement of the Evaluation Committee the authors of other artistic ex libris can be awarded process of different organisations and sponsors, valuable presents and diplomas. The members of the exhibition will receive a catalogue. The ex libris will remain with the organisers. The organisers also have the right to issue them free of charge. The exhibition of the works, participating in the competition, will be held in September, 1999 in the Art gallery of Kedainiai Town hall.

Contact persons of the competition are:

Jonas Nekrasius – Siauliai, tel.: 8-21- 427664;
Zita Civilkaite – Kedainiai, tel.: 8-25-755643;

Organising institutions

Kedainiai M. Dauksa Public Library;
Siauliai Ex Libris Museum.
Regulations have been prepared by Jonas Nekrasius.

Author Ausra Paulauskiene, 1998

Author Ausra Paulauskiene, 1998,  113 x 73

Author Agatonas Radzevicius,1980

Author Arvydas Urbelis

Author Agatonas Radzevicius, 1980

Author Ausra Paulauskiene, 1997, 80 x 96

Author Agatonas Radzevicius, 1980


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Samogitian Cultural Association Editorial Board, 1998.
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