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Arvydas Vidziunas
The light of some people's work shines out from the depths of the ages. It lays the foundation for and determines our thoughts, values, and the roads we choose to take. Mikalojus Dauksa is one of these spiritual and cultural  workers known throughout all of Lithuania. In Samogitia he is often mentioned  in the same sentence as Merkelis Giedraitis, Motiejus Strijkovskis, and others.

In centuries past, service to the [Roman Catholic] Church, nation, and native language (today a rarity in unadulterated form) was part of every Lithuanian philosopher, writer, and linguist's life and work. Keeping in mind that over the ages humanist ideas ring the loudest and most deeply touch human consciousness, Dauksa rises to the top. His words became the basis for the consolidation of the Lithuanian language and nation. He formed and forms our understanding of a citizenship based on love and respect for the language of one's parents.

"Language is the common bond of love, the mother of unity, the father of citizenship, the guardian of statehood." These words of Dauksa, which fast every Lithuanian can recite, are our civil constitution. To use this constitution to color anew, more broadly and completely, our existence on this earth "is the goal and assignment of this day's enlightened citizen, teacher, university community, and civil servant."

I hope that the memorials for the anniversary of Dauksa's Postile, the analysis of his writing, the re-creation of Dauksa's residences, other tributary and scholarly functions, funded by state institutions and organized by Samogitian patriots or people of Dauksa's native Kedainiai region, will be a new time of realization of the writer's words. This realization will not end this year, but shall spread through the coming centuries.

Chair of the National Commission for the Organization
of the Commemoration of Mikalojus Dauksa's Postile

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Samogitian Cultural Association Editorial Board, 2001
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